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amy webb & david brown


Amy Webb is an artist and graphic designer, as well as gardener and washboard player, creating mixed media paintings, drawings, sculpture and design projects in her home studio. She received a BFA in Printmaking at the University of Iowa, studying with Virginia Myers, and book arts with Kay Amert. She has an MA in Book Arts from Mills College, with an emphasis on artist books. She is a Rhode Island State Council on the Arts grant recipient and has exhibited her work in San Francisco, Palo Alto & Santa Cruz, California, as well as Providence, Rhode Island.


David Brown’s compositions combine found sounds with acoustic and electronic instruments to create collages of orchestral density. He has created sound design for theater and dance productions and produced several CDs of music, both solo and in collaboration with others. David Brown earned his MFA In Electronic and Computer Music from Mills College, studying composition with Anthony Braxton and Kenneth Gaburo. He took up the didgeridoo as a way to perform without wires and computers. Since moving to Providence, he has performed folk music with the Providence Wholebellies and in more contemporary improvisational music with Sonic Sandbox.